Katriina Karkulehto

Hey! It’s nice that you came to get to know my pages. I’m Kata, Onnia’s founder, coach and experienced business management professional. I’m also a founder and a host at Hyvin johdettu podcast series. In my work, I have familiarized myself with the connections between work well-being, business development, strategy implementation and leadership.

Onnia’s philosophy is based on increasing people’s capacity, managing well-being, strengthening leadership and promoting a smooth work culture in the organization. The aim is thus to improve the company’s competitive and profit-making ability, as well as people’s ability to keep up with the pace of change, without this happening at the expense of well-being. I founded Onnia in 2018 to help companies realize these goals.

I coach and consult management and experts to reach their goals and lead themselves and others effectively. In my work, I see well-being management as an important part of healthy business development. In my coaching and consulting work, the issues of leadership, well-being and coping at work are emphasized.

I have spent my working career as a business management consultant and coach, business development director and organizational researcher. Before Onnia, I managed a growth company as a member of the top management team and a team leader.

In my consulting and coaching career, I have worked in organizational development and change projects related to strategy work, business development, communication, management and front-line work, among other things, since 2005. I have done most of my work with management teams and expert organizations in different industries and sectors. My coaching work extends to business life, sports and well-being. I have worked with hundreds of leading companies and clients.

My education Licentiate of Science (Work Psychology and Leadership ) and Master of Arts (Adult Education). In my further research, I delved into the construction of the social identity of leaders as strategic actors. I also have a business coach, personal trainer and psychological coach certifications.

For my work, I draw content from 35 years of experience in active participation in various sports, competitive sports background, parenting and constant interest in learning new things.

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